Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"We're Gonna Rise"

Haha!! I am so happy this morning!! This is going to sound really weird because if ANYTHING I should not be excited because I have a HUGE parasitology test tomorrow and today we are wasting time on a 2 hour lecture of evidence based medicine using computer programs and currently we are getting a lecture on how to use the library (ha, as if professional students don't know that by now)....annnnyhoo. The reason I am so excited is because I rode alone this morning to school because my roommate had early morning stuff to take care of and you all know how I don't do early morning stuff. (I am not happy that we rode separate, I love her but here why it was good THIS particular morning). I didn't know what to do for my 30 min drive to school so I put in the "Ruppes" which now I think are called "The Sisters" maybe? Those of you who don't know the Ruppes should immediately go out and discover them for yourself for I cannot do them justice in this blog.
There is this song I love called "Under His Wings" and of course I listened to that one and sang to the top of my lungs but there was another one that caught my undivided attention this morning. Its called "We're Gonna Rise" OH MY GOODNESS!! Words cannot express the sheer joy and crazy unexplainable excitedness that went on in my car this morning! I sang, and danced, and practically jumped up and down (even though I was buckled in) It was crazy! I have GOT to find a church here in Mississippi with music like that. Here are some of the words so you can get a taste of what I felt. Once again, there is no justice for it because you got to think of the harmony, and the build up and the climax and the loudness and what not.

Don't worry this is just the piece that got me going this morning, not the whole song!

"Weeee're gonna riiiise, weee're gonna riiiise, we're gonna RISE to be with Jesus, on a cloud he's gonna greet us, saying welcome home my children, your mansions are prepared. You've won the victory over the enemy, now you stand as royalty, purchased by the blood of the Lamb. Weee're gonna riiiiise, weee're gonna riiiise (repeat the whole thing building up pretty intensely) "and pretty soon you'll see ol' Gabriel, and we'll all be CARRIED HOME!!"

I know that is scattered but go listen to the whole thing! It's great!! I know I'll be dancing all day!! :)

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