Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone,
I am now home for Christmas!! YAY! I was super busy these last two weeks taking all my final exams in Vet time to even breath! Now I am back home and Mom has me doing things for the wedding. Still no time to breath but I LOVE planning for the BIG DAY!! Tyler and I started our first registry at Wal-Mart so that was exciting and I got the shoes I am going to wear in the wedding.....let me just say they are FABULOUS!!! This month is busy busy for my family and I so I won't be back here probably till Jan. In the mean time I love all of you and probably will see all of you while I am in town! :) Have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Saying "Thank You" to our Troops

Please take the time to drop a note to the Soldiers overseas giving their lives for us so we can celebrate the Christmas Holiday with our families. It is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Thanks

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mowgli and Miss. Kitty

This is just a snippet of what Mowgli and Miss. Kitty do while I am studying. They are so funny and this mess will go on for hours! As a side note....yes I do feel stupid for talking on the videos. Haha. They are my babies and there is NEVER a dull moment. There are two more videos on Youtube you just type in "Mowgli, dog, cat and dog, or all three" :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Merry Christmas...From my PERFECT Home

It's early I know, however I will only be here in Mississippi until Dec. 10th. This is not all my decor by ANY means but I still just LOVE this place and thought you all should enjoy it as well. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Run for Rabies

Hi! This is a short lil post but I walked three miles this morning. Our CVM was hosting the "Run for Rabies" event this year. There were many people who attended and you could choose to run or walk. A couple of my girlfriends from school went with me so we all walked. My dog Xena went and she was wild!! She wanted to run the whole time and beat all the dogs. This morning the race started at 8:00, registration was 7ish and it was 49 DEGREES!!!!! We froze our fanny's off but it was so much fun. The school raised over $1800 for the cause. All the participants got a super cool t-shirt, a MSU-CVM gym bag, a Purina Nalgene bottle, a leash, and a nice dog bowl. Melissa, Juliana, and I rode together with Xena (my dog), Sweety (Juliana's dog), and Sampson (Melissa's dog), afterwards we went for some hot coffee and a biscuit from good ol' McDonald's!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6th Folder, 6th Picture

Lindsey tagged me for this so here it is. I am afraid it's not very entertaining. This is my Flat Coat Retriever Chance! He looks weird in this picture. :) Mine was a bit confusing because the 6th folder landed on my "Animals" folder and within that folder I have a "Gracie, Mowgli, Miss Kitty, Birds, Horses, Chance, Petey, Flash, Xena, Xander, etc." folder. So, I just went to the 6th folder again and picked the 6th picture.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ateriovenous Malformation, Embolization, and only THREE years old.

This is a blog post to ask everyone to please pray for a little boy from my hometown church in South Carolina. Hill be going through an EXTENSIVE brain surgery on Halloween day (tomorrow). He is the sweetest little boy and a CLEMSON fan so that makes him all the more adorable. PLEASE please keep him in your prayers.

The morning of the surgery Jonathan will have an embolization performed which is a procedure to stop the blood flow to his brain. This is done to keep him from having too much blood loss during surgery. A few hours after that procedure, they will begin the brain surgery. Dr.s will remove a large portion of his right frontal brain lobe which is where the arteriovenous malformation is located. (AMV and I hope I spelled that correctly.) the AMV is a cluster of blood vessels that have tangled up inside his little head if they are not removed they could bust, (similar to an aneurism) the only way to remove the malformation is to remove the part of the brain lobe where it is located. After the surgery Jonathan will have to go through rehab/therapy and the Bryants may be in Boston for about one month total. Of course, there is a risk of complications which include emotional, physical, and developmental problems after the surgery, and one of the greatest complications is the potential for too much blood loss during the surgery. There is a possibility of left side-weakness after the surgery and we pray that will only be temporary. This is a very delicate surgery, as it is brain surgery on a 3 year old baby. Please, keep this family in your prayer time this week and next week, especially. John, Lisa, and Jonathan left Sunday for their trip to Boston- Madison then flew to Boston with her aunt. Pray that God will give them comfort and peace in knowing that everything will be fine. The surgery will actually take place on October 31st, Halloween Day, which makes it even sadder thinking that day is a day children should be out getting candy and having fun in their costumes and little Jonathan will not be able to do that. But, this surgery will just help to ensure that he will get to be a child for many years to come, and will have a long, healthy life ahead of him. Please pray of Jonathan and his family as they go through this time on Oct. 31st!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rescue Them

The video speaks for itself but we are raising the money for the local animal shelter and a group we have here at MSU-CVM called "Homeward Bound". They take animals from shelters here, foster them for two weeks and send them up North to new loving homes. We have gotten Hill's dog food to agree to give them free food for the animals as long as someone pays the shipping cost.....that would be class of 2012 and the money you buy these bracelets with!


Our Vet School Class of 2012 has made this our class project. A girl in my class made this video to support our cause. The link at the end of the video doesn't work yet. We have someone making that right now and putting the finishing touches on it. If you are interested in the bracelet PLEASE let me know. Email me at and we can discuss a way of getting one to you. They are $3 a piece and I know everyone has these things but this is more than just a bracelet or a fundraiser, this is raising awareness and hopefully saving at least one more life in the process. Watch the video and you will see! Thanks yall!

p.s. turn your sound on, please send this blog link to ANYONE and everyone you think may be interested in this as well.

Friday, October 24, 2008

"I'd give away my soul to hold you once again" -Josh Groban

This next blog post will be sad to some and completely uninteresting to others. Those of you who are in my immediate family will know who I speak of during the next page or so. The other day in the car I was listening to Frank Sinatra's CD (yes, I do listen and quite often dance to his tunes.....but only when no one is looking) :) Anyway, this post is not about him, it's about a specific song he sings and a specific man in which I admired. Originally Sinatra sang this song but later Elvis Presley re-did it. I debated which version to post because they are both really good. If you are into the new aged songs, and hip-hop, and country, this is not what you are used to. This post is written solely for the purposes of telling someone they are still thought about and missed dearly.......

The song I am referring to is "My Way," the man I am referring to is Keith Janssen.

To give some background on Keith for those of you who didn't have the honor of knowing him, he was my Great Uncle. That sounds really old and outdated but he was more than that. He was a loving husband, a fun father, a happy man, and an adoring grandfather.....he was a genius at his job, very patient, funny and entertaining....and he was taken too soon by a brain tumor. He battled it for quite some time, defeated it just long enough to see his first grandson born, was the Godly man he needed to be for his family during the time of his grandson's hospitalization with a heart problem, abrublty after his grandson was better Keith's tumor came back full force and snatched him away from us just after Christmas a few years ago.

After his death I was a bit angry because my view was "why was he spared for such a short time to get every one's hopes up, then taken away just as we were losing our fear that the tumor would return....and just after his grandson's beginning of life?" Then I heard a wise preacher talk about why people die, there are many reasons but the one that stuck out to me the most was that sickness and sorrow in this life are here because of the first sins of Adam and Eve, we also have things now that are made from synthetics, we have cell phones, fast food, and all kinds of unnatural things we use and consume now in life. So without our knowing and without warning these things have a detramental effect over time and impact or even take our lives. I know that God didn't take Keith's life; he spared it from the effects of being a human in this world long enough for Keith to be the anchor one more time for his family and for his wife, and I know that if necessary Keith would have traded his life for his little grandson's.

Tyler came to visit the other week and when he left, all his shaving cream was gone, his razor, his soap, his Old Spice deodorant, his washcloth, his towel.....etc and those were only the bathroom items......I was straight up depressed for a week when it was all gone and I only had him here for a week. I can't even begin to imagine how it must feel to love someone so much for so many years and abruptly they are gone......their clothes are still in the closet, their bathroom items are still in place, their car is still outside, even their keys are still on the hook where they last left them, but they are not there. Their washcloth is still wet from the last shower, dirty cloths still in the hamper from the last time they wore them, coffee cup still in the sink, hat still on the couch, even down to the pillow that is still indented from his head. When is the right time to get rid of that stuff, to be able to handle actually taking it away from where it was supposed to stay forever??? When is a good time to say "I can move on now" and sell the clothes? There is no set time and there is no "good" time. I realize that you have to go through something like that to understand it, but if how I felt when Tyler took his stuff home (knowing that I would see him again) is any indication of one small piece of how it feels when a love like that is lost, I don't ever want to go through it, as far as I am concerned I would never get over it and admire those who can carry themselves through it. I still think of him quite often. The song posted in this blog reminds me of him so much that I can hardly stand to listen to it.

So back to the song..........

And now, the end is near;
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, Ill say it clear,
Ill state my case, of which I'm certain.

Ive lived a life that's full.
Ive traveled each and every highway;
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Regrets, Ive had a few;
But then again, too few to mention.
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

I planned each charted course;
Each careful step along the byway,
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way.

Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew
When I bit off more than I could chew.
But through it all, when there was doubt,
I ate it up and spit it out.
I faced it all and I stood tall;
And did it my way.

Ive loved, Ive laughed and cried.
Ive had my fill; my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside,
I find it all so amusing.

To think I did all that;
And may I say - not in a shy way,
No, oh no not me,
I did it my way.

For what is a man, what has he got?
If not himself, then he has naught.
To say the things he truly feels;
And not the words of one who kneels.
The record shows I took the blows -
And did it my way!

The most powerful thing in this song is "Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew, When I bit off more than I could chew. But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out. I faced it all and I stood tall; And did it my way." This was Keith, I would say more but to try and explain it would do him great injustice, the verse says it all. Also, I love "For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things he truly feels; And not the words of one who kneels. The record shows I took the blows - And did it my way!" Even though he is gone I will always remember him as a man who faced it, didn't back down, didn't kneel, too the blows of life and didn't regret a bit of it. I have posted the song but please don't pay attention to the pictures, I couldn't find one of just music. Really listen to the words.

If I can have a love for Tyler the way that Keith and Vic loved each other, stuck by each other, and took care of each other then I will be the luckiest woman in the world. I have the utmost respect for Vic and the way she has handled everything and no matter what she will always amaze me how she pulled herself up by her bootstraps (sure it was tough and it wasn't at first)... I don't think I could have done it at all. We as Christians have to remember; the promise was not that everything would go perfectly all the time, the promise was "when everything failed, we would be held."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Walk it Out Fosse"

WARNING: this next blog post is completely pointless and this is my attempt to procrastinate and not study for Virology.

There is a youtube video that if you know me at all you know I LOVE it and think its Hilarious. It's called "Walk it out Fosse" Now, a little back ground on this video......Its three older women back in the 60's who actually did this dance to another song.....something about Mexican Breakfast I don't know. Anyway, someone who had way to much time on their hands, much like me at this moment, put this innocent dance these ladies did to a popular "hip-hop" song of the 2000's.

The reason why I am posting this blog is because ol' Beyonce just came out with a new single called "Single Ladies" You don't have to take my word for it watch it yourself. Beyonce straight up copied these ladies from the 60's and put a lil more hip/bootay in it and now she is famous for the dance......hum, I haven't decided if I like this or not. I love Beyonce and if I could dance like this chick yall all would be in trouble. :) I actually like both videos I just think "B" should have given credit where credit is due.

p.s. Parents who watch this, Beyonce is an R&B singer therefore she is going to dance a lil scandalous. If you don't want to compare videos that is fine......just take my word for it.

My suggestion is to watch a bit of the original back in the 60's version to get a feel for it, then watch the whole remake to see how the dance goes, then watch Beyonce's version. :)

Comments anyone???

The Original "Mexican Breakfast"

The Remake

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tyler's Gone

Hello world, is there still a world out there? I wouldn't know I wake up and its dark go into the Wise Center (CVM) and come out when it is dark. I guess all you guys still exist if not this blog is for my own sanity. :)

Well, Tyler is gone now. He has actually been gone for 5 days seems like eternity and the time we spent together was NOT long enough. I find myself quite depressed in the mornings because since there is only one bathroom in this whole house that is accessible, he had his razor, and toothbrush, and towel, and soap, etc alllllll over my bathroom (sink, tub, racks) for a whole week. I got used to it and liked it around......when he left Sunday I woke up Monday morning and it was all bare, nothing but my stuff. That was horrible. While he was here though he brought a Pumpkin from SC to carve together (picture above). We also cooked a lot, went out to eat with my two buddies here in Mississippi, washed cars (and dogs), he got to see where I do all my lab work, watched the Clemson game on the laptop because I don't have TV, and the night before he left we made baked pumpkin seeds, orange Cinnamon rolls, spooky cookies, and ate party cakes with fall like sprinkles. It was PERFECT.....if that was a taste of what marriage with this man is going to be like I am ready to skip the next 252 days and be at the wedding!

I have been super swamped with studying. Gah lay, I know that everyone said it would be a lot of studying and really the concepts are not's just the sheer load of studying that you could do all day everyday and still not have learned enough before the next test rears its ugly, and I do mean UGLY head. I am keeping my head above water and I have great friends here!

I will be moving to our (mine and Tyler's) new house on Nov. 2nd. I am waaaaaaay too excited about this considering I have NOTHING to put in it yet. Just my few things and the new awesome furniture we got. I won't be able to use it though because we do not have a King Size Mattress. That's okay though, I want it to be different when Tyler gets there anyway so we can make it homey together. I will be setting up the "spare" bedroom with the things I have now and staying in it until we move up together in July! :)

I knew Vet school was going to be rough, I have been having HORRIBLE headaches lately. Its probably because of stress I know but I don't "feel" stressed, I guess my mind is in denial of the reality of the situation Vet School has thrust me into. Everyday I have a headache, they are not always bad but every single day it is there.

I will probably be "MIA" for a while because our next storm of tests is on the horizon. I have only 8 weeks left until my first semester of CVM is over and there are a WAD of test that still have to be scheduled. I don't see how they will fit it all in. I have two next week, then I am moving on Nov. 2nd, then I am sure the others will hit soon there after. Mom and Dad are coming up for Thanksgiving......I am so glad because I seriously would be eating TV Dinners otherwise. Our finals week is the very next week. The last final is on my birthday and then I will be HOME to SC!! :)

There is the layout of my life for the next month or so. I'll be back but it will be brief. I love every one of you (if any body really even reads these long things) and miss you so much! ANYTIME you want to come visit PLEASE do......Down here in the "dirty dirty" it gets boring and lonesome! Once I move I will have a spare bedroom! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Furniture

Hi! I know its been a while but I will write more later I promise. Right now though I have something exciting to tell yall. Tyler and I (while he is here with me in Mississippi) went to a discount furniture store and found an AMAZING bedroom set. It came with a king size bed, two matching night stands, a dresser, and a bureau with a beautiful mirror. I added some pictures on here. It is Dark Cherry and the kind of wood is solid Oak. We got it at a GREAT price. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? We do have a place to put it believe it or not. I will be moving into our house on November 2nd. :) We also got it at a great price (rent not buy because we didn't want to get stuck with something when we move in three years). Its cute too! I will attach a picture of it as well! ENJOY

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Homesick for Fall

hi! It has been awhile I know. I have been super bogged down with test. I still have three more to go but I can't just keep studying. I have to have a break.

I hear all your stories of how "Fall is in the Air" and the crisp cool smell, and the pumpkins and the leaves, and all the excitement. Let me just say that Mississippi doesn't even know what fall is!! I wake up in the morning, go outside to let the dogs out and take a deep breath.............its chilly but it doesn't smell like Fall. :( It doesn't feel like fall.

Dr. Baily, my anatomy professor, ate lunch with me and the girls the other day and he says that somehow Mississippi skips fall altogether. The leaves don't change color they just turn brown and fall off. I told him that was the saddest thing I had ever heard, of course he just laughed at me and immediately knew I was one of the South Carolina Girls.

He expressed to me that while he loves a SC, GA, and NC fall; we will not be getting one of those here in MS. I mopped around all day after that because Fall is my favorite time of the are the reasons why I love it so.
1. Smell (as I have already expressed)
2. Orange (its everywhere!!)
3. Scarecrows, pumpkins, and decorations (mom and grandma Jute always make it look awesome)
4. Pumpkin Ice Cream at Callaham's Peach Orchard (ohhhh how I will miss this!!)
5. The little cousins getting together and painting baby pumpkins (it's a tradition)
6. Tyler and I carving a pumpkin together
7. The famous BON FIRE that my Papa's brother Jone's has every year, people from our family get together and build a HUGE bon fire right in the middle of the neighborhood, he always has a GREAT bluegrass band there, hot dogs for everyone, the most CANDY you have ever seen in your life and of course ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS!!!
8. which is definitely worth being its own number so......Roasted Marshmallows
9. after the Bon Fire, my grandmother Judy has a family get together at her house, the only one of the year at her house, and we have Salmon Stew and Oyster Stew. YUUUUMMY!! The little kiddies from Pelzer come a knocking on her door and they are always so precious!
10. The church also always has a Fall Festival that is filled with fun and games and food
11. Halloween is my BEST FRIENDS birthday and I will be missing it this year :(
12. helping my grandmother Jute decorate her house with pumpkins, scarecrows, window stickers, candles, spider webs (made of cotton on the front porch, and whatever else fun Halloweeny thing we can think of.

................oh the list could go on and on but I am getting more and more depressed just thinking about it. I went to Wal Mart today mainly to get dog food because my free bag hasn't come in yet, and my eyes were assaulted with Fall, Pumpkin, Orange, candy, Halloweenish things. I went through Wal Mart looking like a fool cause my eyes were teary the whole time. Then as I checked out my bags and got in my car I realized that I had forgotten dog food!! I went back in through the back door where they keep the flowers and of course the back is where they keep all the hardcore decor for every season and if the few things here and there in the big part weren't enough to make me sad this sight was EVEN WORSE!!!! Even the mums (yellow and orange) were scoffing at me.

I know I know the only post in a while and it is a sad one. I assure you my spirits are still high. Tyler is coming to visit the week of Oct. 6th so expect pictures soon and Kim has promised that we will attend every Fall Festival from Mathiston to Starkville (as long as we don't have a test the next day) :) Our Vet School is having a Halloween Party where everyone will dress up, and the new church I am attending is also having a fun filled day in celebration of Fall. Things are good here and I can't help but be thankful and KNOW that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I just don't understand why Fall couldn't follow me here!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Dawn of Tests

Sooo, I haven't written in a while. That is because the time has come, the eye of the storm, the eve of a new dawning, the rise of the aliens, the demise or rise of me.....TESTS!! Here is my schedule for the next 19 days and here is why you will not hear from me until the 3rd of Oct.

Sept. 18th: Infectious Agents Exam 2 (maternal, fetal, and neonate immunity, passive and acquired immunity in neonate, immunological memory, role of vaccines, kinetics of primary and secondary antibody responses, immunity to bacteria, viruses, and parasites, hypersensitivities, cancer immunity, immunodeficiency)

Three Days of Furious Studying

Sept. 22nd: Anatomy Exam 1 (Hind limb of a Dog, Cow, Horse: muscles, nerves, bones, veins, arteries, origins, insertions, innervation's, reading of many chapters)

One Day of Furious Studying

Sept. 24th: Parasitology Exam 2 (Dictyocaulus viviparus, D. filaria, Muellerius capillaris, Filaroides osleri, Aelurostrongylus abstrusus, Oxyuris equi, Physaloptera spp., Dracunculus insignis, D. megastoma, Habronema spp., Spirocerca lupi, Strongyloides ransomi, S. westeri, S. papillosus, S. stercoralis, S. tumefaciens, Trichuris suis, T. vulpis, and more added tomorrow)

Two Days of Furious Studying


One Day of Furious Studying

Sept. 29th: Histology Written Exam (many many chapters)

Sept. 30th: Histology Lab Practical ( all tissues of the body on a microscope)

Two Days of Furious Studying

Sept. 3rd: Physiology Exam 1 (many many chapters)


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"We're Gonna Rise"

Haha!! I am so happy this morning!! This is going to sound really weird because if ANYTHING I should not be excited because I have a HUGE parasitology test tomorrow and today we are wasting time on a 2 hour lecture of evidence based medicine using computer programs and currently we are getting a lecture on how to use the library (ha, as if professional students don't know that by now)....annnnyhoo. The reason I am so excited is because I rode alone this morning to school because my roommate had early morning stuff to take care of and you all know how I don't do early morning stuff. (I am not happy that we rode separate, I love her but here why it was good THIS particular morning). I didn't know what to do for my 30 min drive to school so I put in the "Ruppes" which now I think are called "The Sisters" maybe? Those of you who don't know the Ruppes should immediately go out and discover them for yourself for I cannot do them justice in this blog.
There is this song I love called "Under His Wings" and of course I listened to that one and sang to the top of my lungs but there was another one that caught my undivided attention this morning. Its called "We're Gonna Rise" OH MY GOODNESS!! Words cannot express the sheer joy and crazy unexplainable excitedness that went on in my car this morning! I sang, and danced, and practically jumped up and down (even though I was buckled in) It was crazy! I have GOT to find a church here in Mississippi with music like that. Here are some of the words so you can get a taste of what I felt. Once again, there is no justice for it because you got to think of the harmony, and the build up and the climax and the loudness and what not.

Don't worry this is just the piece that got me going this morning, not the whole song!

"Weeee're gonna riiiise, weee're gonna riiiise, we're gonna RISE to be with Jesus, on a cloud he's gonna greet us, saying welcome home my children, your mansions are prepared. You've won the victory over the enemy, now you stand as royalty, purchased by the blood of the Lamb. Weee're gonna riiiiise, weee're gonna riiiise (repeat the whole thing building up pretty intensely) "and pretty soon you'll see ol' Gabriel, and we'll all be CARRIED HOME!!"

I know that is scattered but go listen to the whole thing! It's great!! I know I'll be dancing all day!! :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

My New Family :)

Here is my family "officially" starting June 26th 2009. The only one's that are missing are Chance, Daisie, and Miss Kitty. From left to right it is Xena, Mowgli, and Xander. Of course in the blue is my future hubby! :) Aren't we lovely?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Test of CVM=Success!

Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that I have just taken my first test of Veterinary school. It was on "Infectious Agents." This class is team taught by SEVERAL different professors and this first test was about the Immune System and the Immune Response to different bacteria that invades one's body. I absolutely ENJOYED the first two professors (one male and one female). They both were so down to earth and laid back that I hardly felt like I was in a difficult class. I did really well on the test and breezed through the first half like no body's business. HOWEVER, as females are, the second half of the test, created by Mrs. Pinchuk (who by the way has to coolest accent on the planet, Russian) was tricky tricky, sneaky sneaky!! If I missed questions on her test it was because I psyched myself out over the question. Y'all know the type....."is it A, B, A and B, all of the above, or none of the above?" I mean, come are you supposed to narrow those down?? Anyway, I would much rather have had a discussion formatted test because at least you can get half credit by shootin some bull, anyway I still think I did fine on her part but if I have a mediocre grade it is cause of her tricksy ways. :) But she is a doll and the cutest lil woman in the world so you can't be upset. It's Vet school, what did you expect?

The next professor for Infectious Agents is Dr. Burgess, but do not be fooled by his American name...he is from somewhere else ( I don't remember where) but he has a cool accent too. Sometimes he goes so fast that my southern brain can't understand a word he is saying, but its okay cause I just look at my friend's notes cause somehow she is good at hearing these funny sounding everyday words. :) He is the first actual DVM we have had teach us, as opposed to the numerous PhD holders who are so detailed because of research that the info. is over our little heads. I thought I loved the first two professors, but I REALLY love this guy. They just keep getting better. He has a practical application for everything he goes over in class and lets us know EXACTLY what we will need in the real world (which in turn is exactly what will be on his test). Currently we are learning about "Fetal and Neonatal Immunity" he is our last Immunology professor of this class which is sad cause for the rest of the semester we are studying LOTS of bacteria and their mechanisms and what not. My next test for this class is Sept. 18th (yea that soon, this guy will FLY though his material). Keep me in your prayers this day.

Before that test I have a PARASITE test on Sept. 10th. For those of you who don't know this is FREAKIN HARD (sorry to use that word but its the only one that fits). I have 38 parasites to learn all with different life cycles, pre-patent periods, definitive host, intermediate host, effects, and treatments. BLAH. :( Then after our two hour lecture exam we have to go straight to the lab for a "practical exam", where there will be 38 microscopes and 38 tissue samples (all crawling in parasites) to label and tell distinguishing characteristics. Needless to say you guys won't be hearing from me for the next week or so. Yes, a four hour exam is enough to make a girl go crazy, especially with my "ping pong" mind that can't stay focused on one thing. I will make it though and I do like the class, its interesting and creepy all at the same time.

Well, that is all I have for now. I hope all y'all are doing well and I miss you LOTS and LOTS!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Father of the Groom

Hi Everyone! Don, Tyler's dad, has loaded his version of our story on the website! It is soooo sweet you have to go see it. Sign the guest book if you have not already. :) Loves!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


I went home this weekend! It was Soooo refreshing! I got to see my future hubby as well as all the FAMILY (except Jon and Lindz :( )!! ahhhh, it was so nice though. I just wanted to give you a better picture of Xena basically because the picture is AWESOME (mom took it what do you expect?) and because she is not so ugly, which I have heard from a lot of you that she is :). She is the biggest lapdog I have ever had. She is not happy unless she has consumed all of your lap with her long legs. This other picture is Xander. (yes there is another one). He is a PIT BULL puppy, a stray that a man brought to the shelter. The shelters in Mississippi have to put any pit bull down that comes in, they cannot treat them, feed them, or sell them. They are automatically put to sleep, sad! soooooo, Tyler has always wanted a pit and this guy is so young I am hoping we can well socialize him and he be a great dog. Right now he is precious.

This weekend has also been productive because mine and Tyler's favorite jewelry store is going out of business.....this worked out perfect for us because there has been a ring there (for him) that we have been utterly LUSTING over for a few years now. It was on sale and I grabbed it up. That is all I can tell you. I am under strict rules by Mr. Brady not to tell or show anything else till the wedding day but ooooooooo man yall got to check it out in roughly 299 days. :)

I will also be driving home when Gustov hits Mississippi so keep me in your prayers. They have evacuated the cost of Mississippi but my roommate says everyone has come to Starkville and the surrounding areas so we shouldn't get it too bad. If lots of people come they may cancel classes and have us involved in Disaster relief stuff (which is soooo much cooler than being in class) so I am I want to get home and be sure my big dog Chance gets in the house and is not stuck out in the hurricane!

Oh and as a "p.s" side note....Whitefield's Service Sunday was AMAZING!!! I would have driven the 7 hours home JUST for that service! Picked my spirits right up and sent me floating out the door! It's only comforting to the believer but ooooooo how I believe!

Monday, August 25, 2008


THE WEBSITE IS DONE!! Please stop by there and BE SURE to sign the guestbook so that I know you stopped in!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wedding Website

Hey Guys and Gals, I am pretty busy right now with school and weddings stuff. I am currently working on a website that will allow you to view our pictures, ceremony and reception site, venues, read our story, and even RSVP for the wedding! I will post the link soon so STAY TUNED!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Class

These are two shots of my entire class together. The class of 2012!! There are 80 of us. The picture on the top is when we got our cowbells. Mississippi State's athletic stuff are known for ringing cowbells at their games (mostly football). Anyway, our second day there they gave us cowbells with MSU-CVM and our names painted on them. I am in the top left corner about the third row from the top.

The picture on the bottom is a picture of the class before we did the "COPE" course. It is a team building course where you have to work together to accomplish tasks like get everyone over a 10ft wall, pass people through a "spiderweb" made of string and bells (for alarms), get everyone across 7 hanging spinning tires, and more. Some things were tough and frustrating but we were split into teams of 8. We all got nicknames in our teams and of course I was "lil onyun." There was also "Wifeee" (who just got married 6 days prior to coming to vet school), "lil Ray Ray," "Boston," "Fish," "Doll," "Baloo," and "Vive." As it turns out the teams we were put in were our lab groups for the whole year. Two lab groups per COPE team. I LOVED my group!!! In this picture I am on the far left side, second row, tie-die shirt. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm a Vet student of course I am not going to say no to an animal

I went to the animal shelter today with my roommate Kim, we were looking for a dog for an elderly man who came by her house yesterday asking for a dog. He wanted one that would bark when someone came into his yard and one to ride around his property with him as he drove his four wheeler. PRECIOUS....anyway.....there was a puppy there......and I guess you guys could finish this story but I saw her and COULD NOT leave her there! I named her Delilah, although my fiance says its not a good name. I will update you later on what her finalized name is. Anyway she is a whippet/greyhound mix of something and brindle coated (which is what Tyler and I have always wanted). So here she is!!!! If you guys can think of a better name comment on her picture and let me know. :) Loves!!!

-Miss Kitty didn't like her very much but her and Mowgli got along GREAT!!!

p.s. we found the older fellow a dog as well so EVERYBODY wins!! YAY!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Personality Type

So in class today for "Professional Development", which is the dumbest class ever, we had to take the famous "Myers Briggs Personality Assessment" test. My letters were "INFP." Apparently only 5% of women have this type so I'm special! I'm not, however, sure if its a good special or a bad special. I'll let you decide. The reason I thought this thing was blog worthy is because it hit me "nail on the head." I really thought it was going to be another BORING lecture that wasted time at 8 am when I could be sleeping or better yet staying up later to study. It turns out this was perfect!!! I STRONGLY suggest that you and your spouse or significant other take these test individually from each other and see how you are different. Since we have to do a lot of group work in Vet. school they taught us how the different types should communicate with each other. Here are my results......

"Introverted Feeling with Extroverted Intuition:"


-"People with INFP preferences have an inner core of values that guides their interactions and decisions.

-They want to be involved in work that contributes to both their own growth and inner development and those of others to have a purpose beyond their paycheck.

-They make a priority of clarifying their values and living in congruence with them.

- INFP's recognize and honor the emotional and psychological needs of others, even when others may not have recognized or expressed their own needs.

-INFP's Characteristics:

-make decisions based on their values of self understanding, individuality, and growth

-live by moral commitments to what they believe in is crucial

-sensitive, concerned, and caring

-idealistic and loyal to their ideas

-curious about ideas and quick to see connections and meanings


-have Long-range vision

-fascinated be opportunities to explore the complexities of human personality

-work in burst of energy and are capable of great concentration and output when fully engaged

-faithful in fulfilling obligations related to people, work, or ideas to which they are committed

-have difficulty performing routine work that has little meaning for them

How other's may see them:

-find structures and rules confining and prefer to work autonomously

-adaptable and flexible until something violates their inner values (then they stop adapting)

-expression of value judgements can emerge with an intensity that is surprising to others

-reserved and selective about sharing their most deeply held values and feelings

-value relationships based on depth, authenticity, true connection, and mutual growth

-sensitive, introspective, and complex

-original and individual

-sometimes difficult to understand


Potential areas for growth:

-life circumstances do not support INFPs in development and expression of their intuitive and feeling preferences

-may not have reliable ways to take in information and may fail to notice the realities of situations

-make decisions based solely on personal values and find it difficult to translate their values into action

-they may not take time for the inner valuing process by which they make their best decisions, instead of going from one exciting possibility to another and achieving little

-do not find a place where they can use their gifts and be appreciated for their contributions, they usually feel frustrated

-have difficulty expressing themselves verbally

-withdraw from people and situations

-not give enough information to others, especially about important values

-give less attention to their non preferred thinking and sensing parts

-become easily discouraged about the contrast between their ideals and accomplishments

-reject logical reasoning even in situations that require it, asserting the supremacy of their internal viewpoint

-be impractical and have difficulty estimating their resources required to reach a desired goal

-under stress they may begin seriously doubting their own competence and that of others, becoming overly critical and judgmental.

YIKES, whew that was a lot!!

It really hit home when he said my type was the kind to go to the grocery store with a list to cross off, but when they get to the store they find other things that they want and after they put the item in their buggy they write it on the list JUST TO CROSS IT OFF!! hahahaha. i just did that the night before at can ask Kim. haha.

My Favorite Engagement Photos

These are just some of my favorite engagement pictures that my mom took for us while here in Mississippi.

My Mississippi Room!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Animals

- Chance (Flat Coated Retriever
-Miss. Kitty (vet clinic cat)

-Mowgli (Westie)
-Dodger and Cheyenne


- Kim and I at the "Crossing Dixon" Concert
-Yes Ladies and Gents this is Merle Haggard!!! HOLY COW!
-Yeah Buddy!!! :)