Sunday, August 31, 2008


I went home this weekend! It was Soooo refreshing! I got to see my future hubby as well as all the FAMILY (except Jon and Lindz :( )!! ahhhh, it was so nice though. I just wanted to give you a better picture of Xena basically because the picture is AWESOME (mom took it what do you expect?) and because she is not so ugly, which I have heard from a lot of you that she is :). She is the biggest lapdog I have ever had. She is not happy unless she has consumed all of your lap with her long legs. This other picture is Xander. (yes there is another one). He is a PIT BULL puppy, a stray that a man brought to the shelter. The shelters in Mississippi have to put any pit bull down that comes in, they cannot treat them, feed them, or sell them. They are automatically put to sleep, sad! soooooo, Tyler has always wanted a pit and this guy is so young I am hoping we can well socialize him and he be a great dog. Right now he is precious.

This weekend has also been productive because mine and Tyler's favorite jewelry store is going out of business.....this worked out perfect for us because there has been a ring there (for him) that we have been utterly LUSTING over for a few years now. It was on sale and I grabbed it up. That is all I can tell you. I am under strict rules by Mr. Brady not to tell or show anything else till the wedding day but ooooooooo man yall got to check it out in roughly 299 days. :)

I will also be driving home when Gustov hits Mississippi so keep me in your prayers. They have evacuated the cost of Mississippi but my roommate says everyone has come to Starkville and the surrounding areas so we shouldn't get it too bad. If lots of people come they may cancel classes and have us involved in Disaster relief stuff (which is soooo much cooler than being in class) so I am I want to get home and be sure my big dog Chance gets in the house and is not stuck out in the hurricane!

Oh and as a "p.s" side note....Whitefield's Service Sunday was AMAZING!!! I would have driven the 7 hours home JUST for that service! Picked my spirits right up and sent me floating out the door! It's only comforting to the believer but ooooooo how I believe!

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jerryedens said...

Fall... Fall......
Fall is in your heart, not in the decorations, food, and stuff. And your family will be here when you come home. And we will have a bon-fire that will rival Jonathan and Lindsey's car fire they witnessed at Walmart in Charleston. And, by-the-way.... If there is no "fall" there as your professor says, then why does Wally-world sell the decorations, huh?... So, chin up, chick and enjoy your great life there. You are making memories there... right now....
I love you...,