Friday, August 22, 2008

My Class

These are two shots of my entire class together. The class of 2012!! There are 80 of us. The picture on the top is when we got our cowbells. Mississippi State's athletic stuff are known for ringing cowbells at their games (mostly football). Anyway, our second day there they gave us cowbells with MSU-CVM and our names painted on them. I am in the top left corner about the third row from the top.

The picture on the bottom is a picture of the class before we did the "COPE" course. It is a team building course where you have to work together to accomplish tasks like get everyone over a 10ft wall, pass people through a "spiderweb" made of string and bells (for alarms), get everyone across 7 hanging spinning tires, and more. Some things were tough and frustrating but we were split into teams of 8. We all got nicknames in our teams and of course I was "lil onyun." There was also "Wifeee" (who just got married 6 days prior to coming to vet school), "lil Ray Ray," "Boston," "Fish," "Doll," "Baloo," and "Vive." As it turns out the teams we were put in were our lab groups for the whole year. Two lab groups per COPE team. I LOVED my group!!! In this picture I am on the far left side, second row, tie-die shirt. :)

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