Sunday, August 31, 2008


I went home this weekend! It was Soooo refreshing! I got to see my future hubby as well as all the FAMILY (except Jon and Lindz :( )!! ahhhh, it was so nice though. I just wanted to give you a better picture of Xena basically because the picture is AWESOME (mom took it what do you expect?) and because she is not so ugly, which I have heard from a lot of you that she is :). She is the biggest lapdog I have ever had. She is not happy unless she has consumed all of your lap with her long legs. This other picture is Xander. (yes there is another one). He is a PIT BULL puppy, a stray that a man brought to the shelter. The shelters in Mississippi have to put any pit bull down that comes in, they cannot treat them, feed them, or sell them. They are automatically put to sleep, sad! soooooo, Tyler has always wanted a pit and this guy is so young I am hoping we can well socialize him and he be a great dog. Right now he is precious.

This weekend has also been productive because mine and Tyler's favorite jewelry store is going out of business.....this worked out perfect for us because there has been a ring there (for him) that we have been utterly LUSTING over for a few years now. It was on sale and I grabbed it up. That is all I can tell you. I am under strict rules by Mr. Brady not to tell or show anything else till the wedding day but ooooooooo man yall got to check it out in roughly 299 days. :)

I will also be driving home when Gustov hits Mississippi so keep me in your prayers. They have evacuated the cost of Mississippi but my roommate says everyone has come to Starkville and the surrounding areas so we shouldn't get it too bad. If lots of people come they may cancel classes and have us involved in Disaster relief stuff (which is soooo much cooler than being in class) so I am I want to get home and be sure my big dog Chance gets in the house and is not stuck out in the hurricane!

Oh and as a "p.s" side note....Whitefield's Service Sunday was AMAZING!!! I would have driven the 7 hours home JUST for that service! Picked my spirits right up and sent me floating out the door! It's only comforting to the believer but ooooooo how I believe!

Monday, August 25, 2008


THE WEBSITE IS DONE!! Please stop by there and BE SURE to sign the guestbook so that I know you stopped in!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wedding Website

Hey Guys and Gals, I am pretty busy right now with school and weddings stuff. I am currently working on a website that will allow you to view our pictures, ceremony and reception site, venues, read our story, and even RSVP for the wedding! I will post the link soon so STAY TUNED!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Class

These are two shots of my entire class together. The class of 2012!! There are 80 of us. The picture on the top is when we got our cowbells. Mississippi State's athletic stuff are known for ringing cowbells at their games (mostly football). Anyway, our second day there they gave us cowbells with MSU-CVM and our names painted on them. I am in the top left corner about the third row from the top.

The picture on the bottom is a picture of the class before we did the "COPE" course. It is a team building course where you have to work together to accomplish tasks like get everyone over a 10ft wall, pass people through a "spiderweb" made of string and bells (for alarms), get everyone across 7 hanging spinning tires, and more. Some things were tough and frustrating but we were split into teams of 8. We all got nicknames in our teams and of course I was "lil onyun." There was also "Wifeee" (who just got married 6 days prior to coming to vet school), "lil Ray Ray," "Boston," "Fish," "Doll," "Baloo," and "Vive." As it turns out the teams we were put in were our lab groups for the whole year. Two lab groups per COPE team. I LOVED my group!!! In this picture I am on the far left side, second row, tie-die shirt. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm a Vet student of course I am not going to say no to an animal

I went to the animal shelter today with my roommate Kim, we were looking for a dog for an elderly man who came by her house yesterday asking for a dog. He wanted one that would bark when someone came into his yard and one to ride around his property with him as he drove his four wheeler. PRECIOUS....anyway.....there was a puppy there......and I guess you guys could finish this story but I saw her and COULD NOT leave her there! I named her Delilah, although my fiance says its not a good name. I will update you later on what her finalized name is. Anyway she is a whippet/greyhound mix of something and brindle coated (which is what Tyler and I have always wanted). So here she is!!!! If you guys can think of a better name comment on her picture and let me know. :) Loves!!!

-Miss Kitty didn't like her very much but her and Mowgli got along GREAT!!!

p.s. we found the older fellow a dog as well so EVERYBODY wins!! YAY!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Personality Type

So in class today for "Professional Development", which is the dumbest class ever, we had to take the famous "Myers Briggs Personality Assessment" test. My letters were "INFP." Apparently only 5% of women have this type so I'm special! I'm not, however, sure if its a good special or a bad special. I'll let you decide. The reason I thought this thing was blog worthy is because it hit me "nail on the head." I really thought it was going to be another BORING lecture that wasted time at 8 am when I could be sleeping or better yet staying up later to study. It turns out this was perfect!!! I STRONGLY suggest that you and your spouse or significant other take these test individually from each other and see how you are different. Since we have to do a lot of group work in Vet. school they taught us how the different types should communicate with each other. Here are my results......

"Introverted Feeling with Extroverted Intuition:"


-"People with INFP preferences have an inner core of values that guides their interactions and decisions.

-They want to be involved in work that contributes to both their own growth and inner development and those of others to have a purpose beyond their paycheck.

-They make a priority of clarifying their values and living in congruence with them.

- INFP's recognize and honor the emotional and psychological needs of others, even when others may not have recognized or expressed their own needs.

-INFP's Characteristics:

-make decisions based on their values of self understanding, individuality, and growth

-live by moral commitments to what they believe in is crucial

-sensitive, concerned, and caring

-idealistic and loyal to their ideas

-curious about ideas and quick to see connections and meanings


-have Long-range vision

-fascinated be opportunities to explore the complexities of human personality

-work in burst of energy and are capable of great concentration and output when fully engaged

-faithful in fulfilling obligations related to people, work, or ideas to which they are committed

-have difficulty performing routine work that has little meaning for them

How other's may see them:

-find structures and rules confining and prefer to work autonomously

-adaptable and flexible until something violates their inner values (then they stop adapting)

-expression of value judgements can emerge with an intensity that is surprising to others

-reserved and selective about sharing their most deeply held values and feelings

-value relationships based on depth, authenticity, true connection, and mutual growth

-sensitive, introspective, and complex

-original and individual

-sometimes difficult to understand


Potential areas for growth:

-life circumstances do not support INFPs in development and expression of their intuitive and feeling preferences

-may not have reliable ways to take in information and may fail to notice the realities of situations

-make decisions based solely on personal values and find it difficult to translate their values into action

-they may not take time for the inner valuing process by which they make their best decisions, instead of going from one exciting possibility to another and achieving little

-do not find a place where they can use their gifts and be appreciated for their contributions, they usually feel frustrated

-have difficulty expressing themselves verbally

-withdraw from people and situations

-not give enough information to others, especially about important values

-give less attention to their non preferred thinking and sensing parts

-become easily discouraged about the contrast between their ideals and accomplishments

-reject logical reasoning even in situations that require it, asserting the supremacy of their internal viewpoint

-be impractical and have difficulty estimating their resources required to reach a desired goal

-under stress they may begin seriously doubting their own competence and that of others, becoming overly critical and judgmental.

YIKES, whew that was a lot!!

It really hit home when he said my type was the kind to go to the grocery store with a list to cross off, but when they get to the store they find other things that they want and after they put the item in their buggy they write it on the list JUST TO CROSS IT OFF!! hahahaha. i just did that the night before at can ask Kim. haha.

My Favorite Engagement Photos

These are just some of my favorite engagement pictures that my mom took for us while here in Mississippi.

My Mississippi Room!

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Animals

- Chance (Flat Coated Retriever
-Miss. Kitty (vet clinic cat)

-Mowgli (Westie)
-Dodger and Cheyenne


- Kim and I at the "Crossing Dixon" Concert
-Yes Ladies and Gents this is Merle Haggard!!! HOLY COW!
-Yeah Buddy!!! :)


Future DVM

I live in Mathiston Mississippi and NEVER want to leave! I love my friends here, the support, and the home town feeling of the Vet School. I never dreamed it would be this wonderful and exciting!! No doubt it is hard as crap but there is a sense of accomplishment that comes along with this hard work. In this picture I am in the front row, 7th from the left.

Papa Don Sr.

As most of you know, Don (Tyler's Grandfather) passed away this morning. I will miss his silly jokes and random cuss words that would only be funny coming from an old man like him. He was a strong man but in the end could not fight everything that was going on in his body. We will truly miss him.

My Life

Hi! I do not have much time right now however, I just wanted to let my friends and family know how I am doing. I live in Mississippi and LOVE every minuet of it. My roommate Kim is GREAT and we are practically the same person except that she doesn't like Chocolate (weird). I love her to death and actually she is going to be one of my bridesmaids. :)

The other day we went to the Sturgis Mississippi Bike Rally! There were SOOOO many bikes and we got to see Merle Haggard live in concert!!! He was awesome. We also saw Crossing Dixon as well as Jeff Bates. Kim has a motorcycle but we didn't ride it because she doesn't have her full licence.

I am studying and reading a lot more than I did in undergrad but I am unusually interested in the material and actually enjoying it. I stay really busy with meetings and trying to stay up with the material. It isn't really hard its just A LOT of material at once!

Tyler and I have been missing each other as well! That is the only part about living here. I may get to see him in Sept. when Kim drives home for her family reunion. I hope to split gas with her and ride home with her. Less than a year and Tyler will be here with me and we will have our own cozy lil home with our cozy lil animals. CAN'T WAIT for that day!!

Basically God is good and I am blessed!!