Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm a Vet student of course I am not going to say no to an animal

I went to the animal shelter today with my roommate Kim, we were looking for a dog for an elderly man who came by her house yesterday asking for a dog. He wanted one that would bark when someone came into his yard and one to ride around his property with him as he drove his four wheeler. PRECIOUS....anyway.....there was a puppy there......and I guess you guys could finish this story but I saw her and COULD NOT leave her there! I named her Delilah, although my fiance says its not a good name. I will update you later on what her finalized name is. Anyway she is a whippet/greyhound mix of something and brindle coated (which is what Tyler and I have always wanted). So here she is!!!! If you guys can think of a better name comment on her picture and let me know. :) Loves!!!

-Miss Kitty didn't like her very much but her and Mowgli got along GREAT!!!

p.s. we found the older fellow a dog as well so EVERYBODY wins!! YAY!

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