Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6th Folder, 6th Picture

Lindsey tagged me for this so here it is. I am afraid it's not very entertaining. This is my Flat Coat Retriever Chance! He looks weird in this picture. :) Mine was a bit confusing because the 6th folder landed on my "Animals" folder and within that folder I have a "Gracie, Mowgli, Miss Kitty, Birds, Horses, Chance, Petey, Flash, Xena, Xander, etc." folder. So, I just went to the 6th folder again and picked the 6th picture.


Lindsey Edens said...

hehe!! i'm glad you did it!!! :) and what a great picture!! that's so fun that you have sub folders w/in your 6th folder of all your ANIMALS!! i love that. and i think going to the 6th folder w/in that 6th folder worked just fine!!! love you, miss you!!

Anonymous said...

i tagged you! check it out on my blog!