Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ateriovenous Malformation, Embolization, and only THREE years old.

This is a blog post to ask everyone to please pray for a little boy from my hometown church in South Carolina. Hill be going through an EXTENSIVE brain surgery on Halloween day (tomorrow). He is the sweetest little boy and a CLEMSON fan so that makes him all the more adorable. PLEASE please keep him in your prayers.

The morning of the surgery Jonathan will have an embolization performed which is a procedure to stop the blood flow to his brain. This is done to keep him from having too much blood loss during surgery. A few hours after that procedure, they will begin the brain surgery. Dr.s will remove a large portion of his right frontal brain lobe which is where the arteriovenous malformation is located. (AMV and I hope I spelled that correctly.) the AMV is a cluster of blood vessels that have tangled up inside his little head if they are not removed they could bust, (similar to an aneurism) the only way to remove the malformation is to remove the part of the brain lobe where it is located. After the surgery Jonathan will have to go through rehab/therapy and the Bryants may be in Boston for about one month total. Of course, there is a risk of complications which include emotional, physical, and developmental problems after the surgery, and one of the greatest complications is the potential for too much blood loss during the surgery. There is a possibility of left side-weakness after the surgery and we pray that will only be temporary. This is a very delicate surgery, as it is brain surgery on a 3 year old baby. Please, keep this family in your prayer time this week and next week, especially. John, Lisa, and Jonathan left Sunday for their trip to Boston- Madison then flew to Boston with her aunt. Pray that God will give them comfort and peace in knowing that everything will be fine. The surgery will actually take place on October 31st, Halloween Day, which makes it even sadder thinking that day is a day children should be out getting candy and having fun in their costumes and little Jonathan will not be able to do that. But, this surgery will just help to ensure that he will get to be a child for many years to come, and will have a long, healthy life ahead of him. Please pray of Jonathan and his family as they go through this time on Oct. 31st!!


KTilley said...

Aw...I love him. I will most certainly be praying for him tomorrow and in the weeks and months to come. I can't imagine his parents right now and what they must be feeling. All I know is that we serve a MIGHTY and BIG God who is capable of doing ANYTHING!!!

sandraedens said...

We are keeping Jonathan in our constant prayers (and John, Lisa & sweet Madison -- along with all the family standing by). We love you --- The Edens' Family