Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Walk it Out Fosse"

WARNING: this next blog post is completely pointless and this is my attempt to procrastinate and not study for Virology.

There is a youtube video that if you know me at all you know I LOVE it and think its Hilarious. It's called "Walk it out Fosse" Now, a little back ground on this video......Its three older women back in the 60's who actually did this dance to another song.....something about Mexican Breakfast I don't know. Anyway, someone who had way to much time on their hands, much like me at this moment, put this innocent dance these ladies did to a popular "hip-hop" song of the 2000's.

The reason why I am posting this blog is because ol' Beyonce just came out with a new single called "Single Ladies" You don't have to take my word for it watch it yourself. Beyonce straight up copied these ladies from the 60's and put a lil more hip/bootay in it and now she is famous for the dance......hum, I haven't decided if I like this or not. I love Beyonce and if I could dance like this chick yall all would be in trouble. :) I actually like both videos I just think "B" should have given credit where credit is due.

p.s. Parents who watch this, Beyonce is an R&B singer therefore she is going to dance a lil scandalous. If you don't want to compare videos that is fine......just take my word for it.

My suggestion is to watch a bit of the original back in the 60's version to get a feel for it, then watch the whole remake to see how the dance goes, then watch Beyonce's version. :)

Comments anyone???

The Original "Mexican Breakfast"

The Remake

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sandraedens said...

Can't say I've seen Beyonce style dancing like that . . . but I also don't remember those moves from the 60's!

Guess they didn't show that stuff on Lawrence Welk.

Love you - MOM