Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tyler's Gone

Hello world, is there still a world out there? I wouldn't know I wake up and its dark go into the Wise Center (CVM) and come out when it is dark. I guess all you guys still exist if not this blog is for my own sanity. :)

Well, Tyler is gone now. He has actually been gone for 5 days seems like eternity and the time we spent together was NOT long enough. I find myself quite depressed in the mornings because since there is only one bathroom in this whole house that is accessible, he had his razor, and toothbrush, and towel, and soap, etc alllllll over my bathroom (sink, tub, racks) for a whole week. I got used to it and liked it around......when he left Sunday I woke up Monday morning and it was all bare, nothing but my stuff. That was horrible. While he was here though he brought a Pumpkin from SC to carve together (picture above). We also cooked a lot, went out to eat with my two buddies here in Mississippi, washed cars (and dogs), he got to see where I do all my lab work, watched the Clemson game on the laptop because I don't have TV, and the night before he left we made baked pumpkin seeds, orange Cinnamon rolls, spooky cookies, and ate party cakes with fall like sprinkles. It was PERFECT.....if that was a taste of what marriage with this man is going to be like I am ready to skip the next 252 days and be at the wedding!

I have been super swamped with studying. Gah lay, I know that everyone said it would be a lot of studying and really the concepts are not's just the sheer load of studying that you could do all day everyday and still not have learned enough before the next test rears its ugly, and I do mean UGLY head. I am keeping my head above water and I have great friends here!

I will be moving to our (mine and Tyler's) new house on Nov. 2nd. I am waaaaaaay too excited about this considering I have NOTHING to put in it yet. Just my few things and the new awesome furniture we got. I won't be able to use it though because we do not have a King Size Mattress. That's okay though, I want it to be different when Tyler gets there anyway so we can make it homey together. I will be setting up the "spare" bedroom with the things I have now and staying in it until we move up together in July! :)

I knew Vet school was going to be rough, I have been having HORRIBLE headaches lately. Its probably because of stress I know but I don't "feel" stressed, I guess my mind is in denial of the reality of the situation Vet School has thrust me into. Everyday I have a headache, they are not always bad but every single day it is there.

I will probably be "MIA" for a while because our next storm of tests is on the horizon. I have only 8 weeks left until my first semester of CVM is over and there are a WAD of test that still have to be scheduled. I don't see how they will fit it all in. I have two next week, then I am moving on Nov. 2nd, then I am sure the others will hit soon there after. Mom and Dad are coming up for Thanksgiving......I am so glad because I seriously would be eating TV Dinners otherwise. Our finals week is the very next week. The last final is on my birthday and then I will be HOME to SC!! :)

There is the layout of my life for the next month or so. I'll be back but it will be brief. I love every one of you (if any body really even reads these long things) and miss you so much! ANYTIME you want to come visit PLEASE do......Down here in the "dirty dirty" it gets boring and lonesome! Once I move I will have a spare bedroom! :)

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