Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rescue Them

The video speaks for itself but we are raising the money for the local animal shelter and a group we have here at MSU-CVM called "Homeward Bound". They take animals from shelters here, foster them for two weeks and send them up North to new loving homes. We have gotten Hill's dog food to agree to give them free food for the animals as long as someone pays the shipping cost.....that would be class of 2012 and the money you buy these bracelets with!


Our Vet School Class of 2012 has made this our class project. A girl in my class made this video to support our cause. The link at the end of the video doesn't work yet. We have someone making that right now and putting the finishing touches on it. If you are interested in the bracelet PLEASE let me know. Email me at redens19@gmail.com and we can discuss a way of getting one to you. They are $3 a piece and I know everyone has these things but this is more than just a bracelet or a fundraiser, this is raising awareness and hopefully saving at least one more life in the process. Watch the video and you will see! Thanks yall!

p.s. turn your sound on, please send this blog link to ANYONE and everyone you think may be interested in this as well.

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yay!!!!!! Thanks for the post! (Bethany)