Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Furniture

Hi! I know its been a while but I will write more later I promise. Right now though I have something exciting to tell yall. Tyler and I (while he is here with me in Mississippi) went to a discount furniture store and found an AMAZING bedroom set. It came with a king size bed, two matching night stands, a dresser, and a bureau with a beautiful mirror. I added some pictures on here. It is Dark Cherry and the kind of wood is solid Oak. We got it at a GREAT price. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL??? We do have a place to put it believe it or not. I will be moving into our house on November 2nd. :) We also got it at a great price (rent not buy because we didn't want to get stuck with something when we move in three years). Its cute too! I will attach a picture of it as well! ENJOY

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