Saturday, November 15, 2008

Run for Rabies

Hi! This is a short lil post but I walked three miles this morning. Our CVM was hosting the "Run for Rabies" event this year. There were many people who attended and you could choose to run or walk. A couple of my girlfriends from school went with me so we all walked. My dog Xena went and she was wild!! She wanted to run the whole time and beat all the dogs. This morning the race started at 8:00, registration was 7ish and it was 49 DEGREES!!!!! We froze our fanny's off but it was so much fun. The school raised over $1800 for the cause. All the participants got a super cool t-shirt, a MSU-CVM gym bag, a Purina Nalgene bottle, a leash, and a nice dog bowl. Melissa, Juliana, and I rode together with Xena (my dog), Sweety (Juliana's dog), and Sampson (Melissa's dog), afterwards we went for some hot coffee and a biscuit from good ol' McDonald's!

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sandraedens said...

I bet little ole Xena could have been all those dogs if she'd a been turned loose - that dog likes to run!
Sounds like you all had fun (and good exercise) for such a cold morning. --- but leave off the "caffeine" next time :)
Love ya! (nagging) MOM