Friday, July 24, 2009

Going to the Dog Park?

Today we went to the Dog Park. My dogs know the word "Dog Park" all you have to do is say it one time and they go crazy. Tyler and I said the magic word today let the pups outside and here is the result. Mowgli couldn't contain her excitement and we always have to tie Xena up so we can get the other two dogs on leashes. If we don't tie her up she is GONE!!

Then we load them up in the truck and make the 5 min drive to the Dog Park, which is an old baseball field someone decided to call the "Dog Park" one day. Even though it is simple the pups LOVE it. Here are two videos of what always happens.

They chase each other non stop.....until someone finds a tennis ball.

Xander REALLY enjoys the doggie pool, which is nothing more than a kiddie pool...but it works for him.

We always love to go and it only takes about 45 mins. for them to be WORN OUT...which is good for us because our fence isn't very big and they can get quite mischievous when they are not worn out.

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sandraedens said...

I'm glad Xander had the kiddy pool, otherwise he'd be missing the creek here really bad. :) Mom