Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick Run Down

Hello Everyone!
I have been VERY busy since we last spoke. I can't remember everything that has happened because it all feels like a whirl wind. Here is a series of pictures from things I have been involved in.......everyone likes pictures better anyway.

Sunshine's Anesthesia/Radiographs: They think its a metabolic disorder, her Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is off. We are going to change her diet to see if that helps. She had a Lipoma on her abdomen, bone resorption in her long bones, as well as mineralization in her pro-ventriculus (a mass in her stomach).

you can see in the previous two pictures, Sunshine's mass on her abdomen.

here they are giving her Oxygen.....this is before they actually anesthetize her to give her a "back-up" supply of O2 in case things go wrong.

annnnnnnd she's down. Here they tape her to the tray so they can get a good radiograph. Her wings and feet have to be out of the way so we can visualize the mass.

Her little anesthesia cone.

all done, waking her up

My view of the procedure.

The radiograph

Frazzled and woozy but awake and doing well today.

Atlas Neuter: When I was home for Spring Break my Mom had to take Atlas to the Vet because he was attacked by another dog. Well, while we were there my old boss man says "You want to neuter him?" OF COURSE I want to neuter him!! It went well and he is alive today.

intubating for anesthesia

selecting my instruments, I am wearing gloves (they were just "nude" colored)

Dr. Lambert and Dr. Bulloch

Dr. Bulloch didn't even glove up. He trusted me to do it right. AMAZING!! I love this profession of "family"


Goofin off while waiting on Atlas to wake up

Poor baby had an abscess from being bit...we had to get all that junk out. ewww.

I have done many other things since the last post, but these are the two coolest. From here on I have only one test per week until finals. Hopefully I can keep up with the blog. We'll see. Until next time, loves.

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SM Edens said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking care of Atlas. He is doing great! You were a good surgeon.

I hope Sunshine gets better too.

Love you! MOM