Friday, April 23, 2010

UPDATE: Army Veterinary Corps

Here is the skinny on what is going on........

I really don't know to be exact. I got a call from the recruiter last week, and was told that "The Board" had met and made their decision. However, all "yes'" and no's" were being held until the "Security Clearance" came back.

Our applications were turned in two days before the board met, so there was not time to get the background check and security clearance completed. My recruiter's office is in Jackson Mississippi, his office covers TN, AL, and MS. I found out on Facebook that a girl from LSU's Veterinary school has already been accepted. So now we know there are only 4 scholarships left. I am not sure how many were dispersed across the rest of the Country. All we know is there were 6 from the three states my recruiter's office covers, and all those are on "hold" until mid-May, when the background check is complete.

I will keep you updated as soon as I know!


joyce.noelh said...

Thank you for the scrotal chill...
When that horse nut hit the ground i knew we had another great lady to reckon with in this world..
Well done young lady.
57yo Aussie male

Rebekah Gail said...

Thank you! I do not recognize your name. Who are you? :)

joyce.noelh said...

You would not know of me Rebekah,i'm just an Aussie Male who admires people getting out there to achieve things,and being proud to announce it so others can pay homage to a budding life and career..