Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From Pallet to China Cabinet

I've been wanting a China Cabinet for a long time now but if you have ever seen my house, you know there is NO room! So I saw something on Pinterest that sparked my imagination and from it came this........

I know......I'm in love! Its just a pallet! We have several places around here that just throw pallets away, so I asked Tyler to pick up a few on his way home from work. Total cost of this project was about $7 dollars. If you'll notice, that's the same $2 paint I used in my previous post, Pinned That...Made This. The pallet was free, so all I needed after that was some sand paper, nails, and screws....and a big strong man of course because, that pallet weighs in at 60 lbs.

It started like this. Tyler and I sanded it down and got all the dirt and grime off of it.

After we painted it white and sanded it to look "vintage," I painted diamonds on the front surface using a stencil printed off the internet and cut out.

Each time we moved the stencil, Tyler carefully measured out where we should place the next one so the diamonds would be all in line and even. He's so sweet.

More diamond painting.......

I was a tad bit worried once we finished the diamonds because they were SUPER purple and it looked a bit "loud". So......what did we do? Sanded it. You can usually fix everything with a little sand paper.

See how excited he is about more sanding?? hehe.

Looked MUCH better after that last bit of sanding.......

and VIOLA!!

Its quite thin.

It is a perfect "lead in" from my purple and green kitchen!

I loved it so much, I've made my Mama one too! We'll let her show you.....eventually.

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