Sunday, September 13, 2009

Now is the time for Freaking Out!!!

Hello Everyone! You haven't seen much of me lately because Second Year Vet School has started and tests have been one after another. I am not complaining, because it makes the time go by faster. The faster this year goes by, the quicker I will be in clinics!! Hands on, real veterinary stuff! Clinics are difficult too; I hear it’s just a different kind of difficult. No sleep, getting called at all hours of the night, being in isolation with horses, anesthetizing patients, being put on the spot by professors, and things like that.....which is WAY cooler than being in a classroom! Anyway, in case anyone was interested, I just wanted to give you my exam schedule so you could keep my classmates and me in your prayers, and know why I won't be around much.

For the record we had four tests in two weeks already!
Sept. 15: just a cool little side note, this day we will actually anesthetize an animal just like we were going into surgery except we are just monitoring her vital signs and waking her back up. Nothing painful until the week after.
Sept. 17th: Equine Medicine and Surgery Exam
Sept. 21st: Theriogenology Exam (covers an ENTIRE text book)
Sept. 25 Clinical Pathology Exam
Sept. 29th: We get to anesthetize our surgery dog again, make a skin incision and watch a Veterinarian spay/neuter our surgery dog, then suture it back up, we monitor him/her while they are waking up and do post-op care. (at some point in the upcoming weeks we get to actually perform the entire surgery ourselves!!)
Oct. 1st: Preventive Medicine AND Anesthesia Exams
Oct. 2nd: Surgery Lab Exam
Oct. 5-6th” FALL BREAK!!! Finally a second to gasp for air!!
Oct. 8th: Toxicology Exam
Oct. 14th: Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Exam
Oct. 23rd: Clinical Pathology Exam III
Oct. 28th: Preventive Medicine Exam III
Oct. 31st: HALLOWEEN!!! I get a chance to enjoy FALL until our Final Exams (which are CUMULATIVE over the entire semester)

Finals Start Nov. 30th and we have one every day until Dec. 9th

All I have to say is my poor hubby, and after Dec. 9th I will be sitting on my fanny and watching TV for a long time! Hehe. Tyler has been great though, he cooks and cleans, and doesn’t “expect” anything from me which makes it nice when I have to study…..I don’t get a guilt trip. He’s perfect!

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sandraedens said...

That is a ton of exams and stuff! It sounds like a day-to-day battle to keep your nose above water, but keep on swimming! It's nice that you get a little break at your birthday. Don't try to come home in the middle of all that -- just enjoy the tiny rests you get there with Tyler. We love you.