Sunday, January 3, 2010

Semester Four

Well, It is about to begin, semester number four of a total eight. Judging by how the last semester went, I am pretty darn terrified of the surprises to come with this one. Classes involved in this semester include:

Food Animal Medicine & Surgery
Small Animal Medicine & Surgery
Special Species
Anesthesia and Pharmacology
Diagnostic Imaging
Equine Medicine and Surgery

No matter the terror, sleep loss, countless hours of studying, grueling class, and notes after notes after notes....I am VERY thankful to be here and even if I had a choice I would not be doing anything else. All I have to do is stay on top of the notes and keep up with the material. Piece of cake right?

A quick "look back" of when I first got here. I can still remember how excited and proud I was. Members of my family were so thrilled and we all were looking forward to the future. If I had known what was ahead I may have hopped the first bus back home, but now that I am almost half way through, and clinics are only four months away....its bittersweet.

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SM Edens said...

Yeah -- I love the "look back" in pictures. The time in MS has really flow by in many ways --- you will be finished before you know! Keep up the good work. Love lots.