Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pup Paradise

Now I know that all dogs should be inside, according to some views...however, since we have a Pit Bull, and a massive Lab/Chow mix; when we are gone they have to stay outside. Otherwise, we would come home to a disaster zone each time. You see, we have a small house that is perfectly cozy for us but not cozy enough for four dogs: two small dogs, two BIG dogs, a cat, and a bird 24/7. I assure you when we come home around 5:30 p.m., Xander (pit bull) and Daisie (lab mix)come inside, and go to their proper spots to be lazy and sleep for the night.

Until then however, they now have a new cozy paradise outside...deck and everything. Check it out!
p.s. Don't mind Xander's dog house (the one on the right) he gets bored and he chews on the house constantly....see what my furniture would look like???

Tyler found those palates at a dumpster and got the mulch from a nearby lumber yard! We got shavings from Wal Mart and put them inside the dog's houses. It's so nice I want to go out there and play. :)

Below is all his hard work......in 28 degree weather!

We couldn't get the truck up the steep bank beside our house to dump the shavings over the side of the fence (as the original plan stated), so Tyler improvised and got our outside trash can with wheels. He pulled it over to the truck, shoveled mulch in and rolled it over to the fence (on the other side of the house), then picked up the trash can and over the fence they went. I don't even know how many loads it took him to do this but it was a lot! The walls to the fence are also very high so it blocks wind. Now, I don't worry so much about my big ole babies and they have a nice place to stay during the day.

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SM Edens said...

Awww -- that looks nice and cozy for the big dogs. Tyler did a good job. :)