Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Only The Two Year Anniversary

I've heard a bunch of people say it....and to be honest I've said it several times in the two years we have been together. It was kind of a joke between Tyler and I. He would say something cheesy like, "I'm so glad we are together, I can't wait until our next anniversary". I would respond with, "I love you but no one else cares about the two year anniversary." He would roll his eyes, shake his head, and laugh it off....much like everything else I say that is ridiculous.

If you don't know, for our two year anniversary, I was home in SC working an externship and Tyler was working in MS. We weren't even together. I thought that alone proved that no one cares about your two year anniversary. The 1st is important, then all the rest fade to the background until you hit 25 years! Tyler was scheduled to come home the weekend after our two year anniversary to attend an annual "get together" we have every year. We both said that's when we will also celebrate our two year anniversary. No biggie right??

For my gift, I had scheduled a trip to the Greenville Drive Baseball game and a two nights stay at Magnolia Inn in Traveler's Rest. I wanted him to have a break from work and and a place where we could just relax and chill out. Here are a few pictures from our stay....

Late night supper after the game.

Relaxing by the pool.

We took a bike ride.There was a yummy restaurant along the bike trail.

Now....on to Tyler's Part. He took me to PF Chang's for supper. Everything was sweet and perfect. Once we got there, Tyler suggested a "dinner for two" package on the menu. He kept saying, "I can't believe this is our two year anniversary." The entire night he was emphasizing how special I was.....which is not out of the normal...he's always "cheesy." Lol. The entire night he had a card and a bag on the table....he wouldn't let me touch the bag. I only could look at it. When the waiter brought out the desserts, Tyler finally let me open the gift......after the card of course.

The card had two hearts on the front and in the inside. Noticing a trend here?

I finally got to open the gift, in it I found a diamond band. It matches my set and we had talked about adding it for our 25 year anniversary!! I was shocked. Tyler doesn't usually get to surprise me because I can figure him out. This was a wonderful surprise!! He went on to tell me how special I was, and so on and so forth, how special EVERY anniversary is, and how he appreciates everything I do. Now I get to look at the "complete" ring set 23 years early and feel more special now than he could have possibly made it then!! Awwwwwwww. I know, real mushy.

So, the point of this mushy post is not about the ring (although that is a HUGE bonus). Its about the fact that my husband, has successfully conveyed to me how important our relationship is to him, how special not only every anniversary is but every day is to him, and how important I am in his life. That is the best anniversary gift a gal could ask for.

To top it all off, the fortune cookie said, "a small gift can bring joy to the whole family."
Joy, and Love, and Hope, and Excitement, and Meaning. He's simply the best.
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