Thursday, September 15, 2011

From Broken to Beautiful

Here is my latest project. It was a thrift store purchase to be used as a display for my jewelry, then I fell in love with the mirror and wanted to do the "Anthro Acid Mirror" as you have probably seen on TV. Weellll, as I was scrapping the paint off the back of the mirror, it shattered. So, from beginning to end -- here it is, disaster turned useful.

As you can see, just getting the black tar paint off the wooden frame was a huge improvement

We painted the base-coat this grey color. After it dried, we put a special "crackle" stain over it. The top coat was painted white, as it dried over the crackle stain, it cracked. Turned out pretty cool.

This was my unexpected turn for the worst. Sad face.

I was still in love with the frame and had a piece of mirror remaining so I sanded the sharp edges and continued on my course....I lined the back of the cardboard with scrap pieces of wall paper (thanks Mom for the "sample" book).

Close up of the "acid" technique. My next mirror will not shatter....hopefully.

Finished product. In the end I got an "acid mirror" and a place to hang my earrings. Not to shabby! (if you click on the picture, it makes it bigger so you can see detail.)

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